Effie Loraine Hat Boxes

Effie Loraine Hat Boxes individually handcrafts the finest quality, one-of-a-kind, luxury hat boxes for both men and women.

We offer a wide range of sizes to accomodate almost any hat, headpiece, or fascinator.

Along with the full range of ready-to-ship hat boxes, Stephanie, the woman behind the brand, will work with you to make a truly bespoke/custom hat box in your own personal style.

Hat Boxes are Fashionable

We have made boxes for Celebrities, Socialites, Actresses...and all of our beloved customers who have exquisite taste and who value high quality as well as personal service.

Our hat boxes can be spotted all over the world, at major horse races, on television...and even on Broadway!

We have been featured many blogs, and soon to be in “Brides” UK magazine.

What size Hat Box do I need?

As a rule, a Hat Box should be at least two inches wider than the width of the hat at it’s widest point...and at least one inch taller than the tallest point of the hat.

Not just for hats

We have seen many interesting uses for our Hat Boxes, beyond protecting hats...

*Decorative Hat Boxes used as Home Decor by home stagers
*with a slit in the top used as a Wedding Card Box at a wedding reception
*used by a puppeteer to carry her puppets from show to show
*as a Storage Box for “essentials” in a powder room
*Hat Box Wedding Cakes used in a Fashion Institute display window
*30 small Hat Boxes used as Favors at a Paris themed Wedding Shower
*bought by a grandma for each of her young grandchildren as Keepsake Boxes for Ornaments
*in Hawaiian Fabric for a Hula Dancer to carry her Grass Skirt
*in the changing room of an Orthodox Pilates studio for patrons to use as Wig Boxes
*an Extra Large Hat Box to store a unique Cosplay Headdress
*one in pink and one in blue for baby gender reveal party
*by several Etsy Sellers to store their craft supplies
*for fine China Storage Boxes with Lids
*as a Cake Stand for a Sweet 16 birthday cake.
*and many for unique Round Gift Boxes

How will you use yours?

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